The Origin Sequence

The Origin Sequence is the draft one blueprint to building the rationality community into a powerful, stable, multigenerational force for goodness and truth in the world. Builds off the Less-Wrong sequences.

  1. Until we build dath ilan
  2. Optimizing for meta-optimization 
  3. Deorbiting a metaphor
  4. Precepts of the Anadoxy
  5. The Precept of Harm Reduction
  6. The Precept of Mind and Body
  7. The Precept of Niceness
  8. The Precept of Universalism
  9. The Precept against Deception
  10. The Precept of Community
  11. The Precept Against Murder
  12. The Precept Against Theft and Hoarding
  13. The Precept Against Echovictimia
  14. The Precept Against Hate
  15. The Precept of Magic
  16. The Precept of Consent
  17. The Precept of Project Truth
  18. The Spiral
  19. The Meta-Assembly on Assemblies
  20. The Assembly on the Precept of Project Goodness
  21. The Assemblies on the Precepts of Project Optimization and Project Projects
  22. Complete Precepts of the Anadoxy