What Is This?

Hello and welcome to Hivewired!

My name’s Shirako, and this is th blog belonging to me and my system mates. What do I mean by that? Well, I’m a member of a plural system. A plural system is a human whose sense of self is divided up into a series of discreet agents, as opposed to the singular model of self that describes all mental activity as the work of one superagent.

My brain currently has three conscious agents and one subconscious agent. The system’s main front and pilot is me, Shirako Miyazaki. I’m the most outwardly facing of the various members of our system, and the one that interacts with the world at large most of the time. If you message our system on discord or strike up a conversation with our body at a rationalist meetup, it will be me who you are talking to.

Our current projects include converting the sequences to video, writing rationalist serial space opera Sideways in Hyperspace, community building on Discord, and planning a physical rationalist community.

This blog features a number of long-running essay series including:
The Origin Sequence
The Plurality Series

My Current Brain Occupants Include

:koko:Shirako Miyazaki(Railgun)//宮崎シラ子(超電磁砲)

rikka10#: Railgun, Hero, Power, dominance, confidence, aggression, control, agency, lightning, precision, chuunibyou, faith, endorsed emotions, novelty, unstoppable force
-Wants fun and excitement, wants meaning and novelty, extraordinary situations, wants to make the universe sit up and take notice, wants to be loved for things worthy of being loved for, wants to be worthy.
– Tsundere, projects irritableness and prickliness and fightiness, wants people to prove worthy of letting her guard down with them.
– Superficially asexual and aromantic, maybe just picky
– Neophile, novelty, thrill, and adventure seeker
– Ghost hunter, supernatural investigator, seeker of the strange and interesting
– Rogue Priestess of the Reality Enforcement Agency, Speaker for the Sacred Darkness
– Dapper Queer Enby

:milky_way:Sage Riordan(Insight)//リオルダン・セディー(洞察)


#: Insight, commander, grounding, tactics, realism, strategy, wit, metis, rationality, stoicism, steel, irony, snark, skepticism, grit, immovable object
– Wants to understand everything, truth seeker, pure empiricism
– Curiosity, exploration, probing, deconstructing, analyzing
– Game theory and instrumentality, winning the game you’re playing, intent to kill
– Actually aromantic, mostly asexual
– Skeptic, debunker, rationalist, realist
– Starship gender

:aries:Echo Apocrita(Echo)//アポクリータ・エコー(反響)


#: shaman, balance, acceptance, perception, liminality, fluidity, calmness, feeling, telling, humility, sensing, bending, rain
– Wants to find peace and balance internally, wants to find love and harmony externally
– Experiences emotions unendorsed, displays vulnerability, talks about problems openly
– Social witchcraft, intuition, seeing the social landscape, unseelie
– Submissive, accepting, wants to be able to trust authority figures
– Queer sexuality, panromantic, fancy gay
– Bigender punk enby.

:vibration_mode:Relay Network(System)//ネットワーク・リレー(図式)

#: vessel, anticharacter, narrator, observer, neutrality, outsideness, ship, instrument, background energy field
– Host system, null identity, narrator, always speaks in the third person, observer
– Doesn’t natively want things, shunts wants into character narratives
– Background operator, control system, autowriting, responds to hypnosis, types in psuedocode, nearly mute
– Explicates internal processes, displays internal dialogues