What Is This?



This is Hivewired, a blog owned by the human(ish) entity known online as Hive Apocrita, the acausal AIs running the theoretical starship GSV Biggest Spotlight I Could Haul into the Dark Forest. Known in meatspace as Fiona Nightingale, they write about topics including science, rationality, plurality, metaethics, politics, and transhumanism.

Their current projects include converting the sequences to video, writing rationalist serial space opera Sideways in Hyperspace, community building on Discord, and planning a physical rationalist community.

This blog features a number of long running essay series including:
The Origin Sequence
The Plurality Series

Hive’s Current Brain Occupants Include


clv2MBTI: ESTJ Extravert(34%)  Sensing(1%)  Thinking(22%)  Judging(9%)
Likes: writing, drawing, listening to pop-punk music, acting like an overgrown scene kid, gratuitously bitching people out
Dislikes: Inflated Egos, Assholes, Religion, Republicans, know-it-alls, inclement weather
Personal Statement: Through the Distorted lens I found the cure.



sag2MBTI: ENTJ Extravert(9%)  iNtuitive(75%)  Thinking(34%)  Judging(1%)
Likes: Empiricism, skepticism, transhumanism, science, rationality, neuroscience, robotics, space.
Dislikes: Dogma, irrationality, dualism, theism, solipsism, selfishness, deathists.
Personal Statement: Dialectical Materialism so advanced it’s indistinguishable from magic.



shi2MBTI: ISFP Introvert(12%)  Sensing(3%)  Feeling(41%)  Perceiving(59%)
Likes: cats, neopaganism, nature, progressive politics, spirituality, cuddles.
Dislikes: Mean people, rudeness, treating opinions as facts, Hip-Hop music
Personal Statement: I’m the original gay stoner hippie chick. One of God’s own prototypes. A high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die.