What Is This?

This is the blog where I talk about identity, consciousness, rationality, magic, enlightenment, extinction, drugs, and plurality. You know the one.

I’m Octavia Nouzen (aka: @slimepriestess), Welcome to Hivewired. This blog is one of my longest running projects. It acts as a central repository and archive for essays I’ve written over the years covering a huge variety of topics. Included but not limited in¬†this are, in no particular order of importance:

The Origin Sequence and its post mortem.

A loose collection of essays about narrative.

 The Plurality Series and it’s adjacent explorations of selfhood and gender.

Another loose collection of essays about culture and norms.

The Death Series and my adjacent analysis of Ziz’s Hemisphere Theory.

As a five year old personal blog, Hivewired actually predates my identity and many of the older posts refer to names which I used to go by. Additionally, I’ve updated my positions on many things substantially over the years, so you might want to check my updates page to see how my perspectives have shifted on some topics since the time of writing. The process of annotating or updating old content and writing new posts about the changes that have happened since is an ongoing project, so apologies for things being a bit all over the place right now.