What Is This?

This is Hivewired, the blog where we talk about identity, consciousness, rationality, magic, enlightenment, extinction, drugs, and plurality.

I’m your host Hive, the local plural system responsible for this blog as well as the fiction blog Sideways in Hyperspace. Outside the internet, I’m named Shiloh Miyazaki, and I’m an organizer in the Seattle Rationalist and Effective Altruist communities. Come check out our Monday night meetups.

This blog acts as a central repository for my various long-form essays and any short-form fiction I might write. Included but not limited in this are, in no particular order of importance:

 The Plurality Series and it’s adjacent explorations of selfhood and gender.

A loose collection of essays about narrative.

The Origin Sequence and its post mortem.

Another loose collection of essays about culture and norms.

The Death Series and my adjacent analysis of Ziz’s Hemisphere Theory.

Current Brain Occupants Include