The Precept of Community

Content Warning: Can be taken as moral imperatives, neuropsychological infohazard
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This is one of the precepts we’re more nervous about writing due to the potential seriousness of the content covered. The precepts are not the precepts, we strongly suspect there are better versions of this precept then we could easily come up with. The sixth precept is the precept of community.

6. Honor your parents, your family, your partners, your children, and your friends.

This page gives a list of some of the dysfunctional beliefs that estranged parents and children have, giving the start of a set of failure modes we want to avoid. The goal here is to provide a basic set of instructions governing ingroup relations such as between parents and children, or between community members, in order to avoid the narrative becoming abusive or creating a situation where Origin is used as a bludgeon against people.

  1. The community should gather together at least once a week for debate, discussion, bonding, and rituals.
  2. Support your children until they are capable of supporting themselves, even if they make choices you disapprove of.
  3. Do not forcibly impose your value judgments on your children or community members by threatening punishment or limiting information access to approved sources.
  4. Do not make decisions for your children or community members if they could have made the decision on their own.
  5. Do not use Positive Punishment as a tool for directing behavior either on an individual or community level.
  6. The community should take care of its members if they are unable to care for themselves for one reason or another, particularly if they are elderly, disabled, or children.
  7. The community should holistically apply all the Major Precepts to themselves and help everyone hold to the precepts once they have individually accepted them.
  8. No one who has not explicitly declared their acceptance of the precepts should be held to the standards of the precepts.

The first of these minor precepts takes precept 5.1 and expands it upwards to a community level, while the remainder are intended to avoid particular failure modes and catch situations that are becoming abusive before harm is done. This precept is one of the ones we expect will require the most modification in the long term, as the task of community building and child rearing is difficult and fraught with failure modes that can leave people completely destroyed, and our own experiences with children are limited. These precepts are not the precepts.

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One thought on “The Precept of Community

  1. I think that in order to build a strong community, it is very important to have a network of mutual childcare support. From personal experience, being a couple of parents that have little outside support is very hard, physically, emotionally and financially (and I don’t even want to imagine what being such a single parent is like). Moreover, even parents that can receive support from the extended family might prefer the help of fellow rationalists, who are less likely to criticize their parenting, and in particular criticize deviating from what is socially accepted or (even worse) what was socially accepted in a previous generation. Also, given that schools tend to suck everywhere, it would be a great advantage if the community provided alternative education options e.g. homeschooling groups or some kind of “rationalist schools.”


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