State of the Art

Nem teaches you the hidden bends in the path. He teaches you the places where the stream doubles back on itself to make a secure place to camp. He shows you the best way to lay an ambush, how best to respond to different compositions of enemies armed with different sorts of weapons.


These lessons are harder to learn, they require discernment of the territory, studying the lay of the land, learning how it’s already being used, and using it to your advantage.

Nem also teaches you that kindness isn’t worth anything in the dark forest. Kill that hunter. Why? Because you can and he might have stuff you want. No one can stop you, so just stop being a faggot and do it, who gives a fuck what he wants?

It feels bad? Well, toughen the fuck up.


Sometime around the point where you’re luring someone out of the village in a wagon full of expensive equipment you have a realisation.

“You know, Nem seems kind of evil.”


Maybe you try to hide it from him at first. That’s probably the safest thing to do.

Nem has all of the power over you, he holds hostage the blades of all the members of your band.

This is the point where a new game begins, with a new sort of weapon.

Once you start to see it, it’s obvious. You see how Nem uses himself as a weapon, his speech, his words, the stories he tells people.

Yes, of course, you too can be part of the elite circle of spymasters and manipulators. Yes, of course, I am the ultimate authority on everything strategic and tactical. Just do what I ask, and everything will be fine. Baited, reeled in, and ganked, works like a charm. Thanks for the stuff punk.

Okay, so maybe you can build your own narrative, tell the story you feel inside, and see if people accept your view like they do Nem’s?


You try to be subtle at first, little hints here and there that try to steer the course of the game in a new direction.

Nem senses what you’re doing, and turns all his weapons on you.