The Dark Forest

The Dark Forest is most obvious and apparent in the winter wilderness. Here nature strips away all pretense and subtle lie. Here every misstep can be fatal, and mistakes can’t be so easily tucked under the rug. Actions have consequences, social actions have consequences outside of social domains. Making a move using narrative framing affects things outside of narrative framing.

There’s always an ambush waiting just around the pass. The ground will collapse. The snow won’t stop falling. The water will freeze in its pots. The house always wins at the second law of thermodynamics.

When you throw in the constraints that winter imposes, the field of play reveals itself.

There are no winners in the Dark Forest, there’s no final move, and there’s no getting out. Once you see it, you can’t stop seeing it. The social reality is just obviously there and ignoring it would be tantamount to letting the avalanche strike your band.

There is no way out.

This is your life.

Wake up.