The Metaphilosophy Club Discord

For most of its runtime, this blog has had a Discord server associated with it. However, that server has, over the last few years, become mostly unused, outdated, and in general, it was not particularly well designed. It was mostly optimizing for the wrong things and the way it was set up incentivized the wrong sorts of behaviors and beliefs. As part of my general site updates and clean up, I am launching a new discord server and putting the old one into storage.

My goal with this server is to cultivate a community of people who are interested in discussing the ideas I write about on my blog and working together to advance the project of human engineering in order to bring the cardinal concerns of mankind into alignment with one another. Basically, my own little Time Binders Club. Ideally, we would grow beyond just being a discord server and take on more and more ambitious projects as we grow and learn together.  

The server is open to everyone, with private sections for Patreon supporters.

Click here to join:



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