Patreon Donation Drive

Do you like the content I post? Do you attend the events I put on? Would you like to see more of my writing, faster, and more events, more regularly? Do you want to help reduce my chances of dying?

With just a small financial contribution to my Patreon, you can help with all of this.

I currently work a low paying retail job and have to do most of my writing and organizing work, the things I’m actually passionate about, in my spare time. I would like to be able to research rationality and advance the project of human engineering full time and already put pretty much all my free time towards these ends, but my free time is limited because I have to pay rent.

Currently, thanks to a group of dedicated friends and followers, I am making around $200 a month of my Patreon. If I can raise just $1200 more per month, I can stop working my retail job and focus on my writing, research, and organizing. I average around 150 visitors on my site each week, and if just 150 people donated $10 each, I would surpass my funding goal.

This has taken on a bit of a desperate note as a COVID-19 has spread across the planet. I have asthma, which puts me at elevated risk of actually dying if I catch the coronavirus, and a grocery store is pretty much the worst place to be for spreading germs. I’d really like to meet my funding goals as quickly as possible so I can limit my exposure to the virus.

To encourage donations, if I meet my $1400 funding goal before March 31st, everyone who is donating at least $10 a month will receive a limited edition enamel pin.

If you can’t donate yourself but still want to help, share this post around and encourage your friends to donate.



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